What's the Difference Between a Pedigree and a Named Collection?

Watch a video and find out! A pedigree and a named collection are similar, but not identical.

CGC Video Games™ defines a pedigree collection as a collection of video games that is significant to the video game collecting community. These collections are widely recognized for their size, condition, uniqueness, age and importance to the hobby. Whenever CGC Video Games™ determines that a pedigree should be awarded to a collection, the games within the collection are encapsulated with a gold CGC Pedigree Grade label, and the pedigree will be designated on the label underneath the system information.

However, there are also collections of video games that are significant to the hobby, but don’t meet the requirements needed to be recognized as a pedigree collection. CGC Video Games will recognize these groups of games as named collections. A named collection is like a pedigree in its uniqueness and significance to the video game hobby, but it will not have the same level of significance as a pedigree collection. These collections will be encapsulated with a CGC Video Games Universal label with a special attribution on the front of the label underneath the system information.

To learn more about the difference between a pedigree collection and a named collection, check out the video below. To see which pedigrees and named collections CGC Video Games recognizes as of April 2024, click here.