CGC Video Games Introduces New Gold Label for Pedigree Collections

The special CGC Video Games Pedigree label is reserved for collections that are especially significant to the hobby.

CGC Video Games™ is thrilled to announce the addition of special pedigree labels to our expert authentication and grading services!

A pedigree label is given to collections that stand out within the video game collecting community for being significant to the hobby. When CGC Video Games determines that a pedigree should be awarded to a collection, the games in it will be encapsulated with a gold CGC Pedigree Grade label instead of the standard blue CGC Universal Grade label, and the pedigree will be designated on the label underneath the system information.

What is a pedigree?

Similar to other hobbies, some video game collections stand out within the community because of the unique circumstances in which they were amassed, or because of their ownership or condition. These collections will be recognized by CGC Video Games as a pedigree collection. The items in a pedigree collection must be primarily high-quality examples or have such an extraordinary significance that condition is less of a factor.

For example, a pedigree collection may have been amassed by a significant entity or individual over time. If the ownership provenance is well documented, CGC Video Games will recognize the collection as a pedigree. CGC Video Games will not recognize just any collection as a pedigree — the collection must be significant to the preservation of video game culture, must be historically important within the video game community or include high-quality examples that cannot be easily obtained.

A pedigree designation can be given to a collection of video games that are sealed or complete-in-box. However, all or most of the collection must consist of classic video games or related material, all produced prior to 2001. Exceptions may be made if the significance of the collection's ownership outweighs the age of the collection.

A pedigree collection may also include materials besides video games, such as game-related objects, memorabilia and ephemera. 

How does CGC Video Games distinguish a pedigree?

Pedigree collections certified by CGC Video Games will receive the new pedigree label. The label's metallic gold sheen highlights the game's importance and helps collectors easily identify its significance. The pedigree name and information will be listed on the gold label underneath the game's name, system information and publishing information.

Pedigree collections that are recognized by CGC Video Games as of April 2024 include:

  • Atwood Collection
  • Audio / Video Plus Collection
  • Carolina Collection
  • Dallas-Fort Worth Collection
  • Hawaii Collection
  • Indiana Collection
  • White Mountain Collection

What is a named collection?

Sometimes, there is a small collection of games and memorabilia that does not have the quantity to qualify for a pedigree, yet has extraordinary significance within the video game community. Other times, a vast collection of historically significant memorabilia may be discovered but may not qualify for a pedigree based on condition. 

Rather than deny these collections a pedigree status, CGC Video Games will recognize them as named collections. A named collection is similar to a pedigree in its uniqueness and significance to the video game collecting hobby, but it will not have the same level of significance as a pedigree collection. Named collections do not meet all of the criteria of a pedigree collection and will not be encapsulated with a gold pedigree label; rather, they will be recognized with an attribution on the front of the CGC Video Games Universal label.

The decision of whether a collection qualifies as a named collection is solely at CGC Video Games' discretion.

Named collections that are recognized by CGC Video Games as of April 2024 include:

  • Bill Morrison Collection
  • Dreamer Collection
  • First Coast Collection
  • Mark Freedman Collection
  • Nicholas Membrez-Weiler Collection
  • Norris TV Center Collection
  • Plattsburgh Collection
  • Singer Collection

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To get a pedigree designation with your next submission, select “Pedigree” when filling out the CGC Video Games online submission form, and choose the appropriate pedigree collection from the dropdown menu. Pedigree games that have already been certified by CGC Video Games are eligible for ReHolder services to swap the CGC Universal Grade label for the CGC Pedigree Grade label.

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Please note: The purchase of an uncredited pedigree or named collection video game from any collector or dealer does not obligate CGC Video Games to recognize the game in question as a pedigree or named collection copy.