Upcoming Releases: June 2024

June is shaping up to be an incredible month for video game enthusiasts! Here's what we have to look forward to as summer rolls in.

School’s out for summer, so it’s the perfect time to indulge in the newest collectibles coming out this June! It’s a big month for video games — both new releases and DLC for recent favorites — and Marvel is bringing back a team of superheroes for one of the most exciting comic releases in years. With all that to look forward to and more, here’s what we have coming to the pop culture scene in June 2024.

Upcoming Comic Releases

Marvel’s Ultimates #1 — June 5

In 2002, Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch introduced The Ultimates, a new take on the Marvel universe that explored a modernized reimagining of the Avengers set in the 21st century. The series was celebrated for its engaging story, excellent artwork and darker tone. Now, 20 years later, The Ultimates return to comic book pages, this time written by Deniz Camp and drawn by Juan Frigeri.

Spinning out of Jonathan Hickman and Stefano Caselli’s Ultimate Universe #1, an all-new team assembles in a series that kicks off the fifth volume for The Ultimates series that Millar and Hitch introduced. The series will introduce the all-new superhero team that will usher in the next chapter of the Ultimate Universe.

Marvel’s Ultimates #1 hits comic book store shelves on June 5!

Other notable comics releasing in June 2024 include:

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Alpha #1 – June 5
  • Gotham by Gaslight: The Kryptonian Age #1 – June 11
  • Amazing Spider-Man #52 – June 19
  • Anansi Boys #1 – June 26

Upcoming TCG Releases

Digimon Card Game – Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning Set — June 28

The much-anticipated special box set celebrating the home video release of Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning is finally here!

In November 2023, Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning was released in English theaters. The special movie served as a sequel to Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna and the series finale of Digimon Adventure 02. In the film, we meet up with the protagonists of Digimon Adventure 02 two years after their final battle with Eosmon. They meet a mysterious boy named Lui Ohwada who claims to be the first-ever DigiDestined and take on a mysterious Digimon — Ukkomon — who appears in the real world.

Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning is set to be released on DVD and Blu-ray in the United States in June 2024. To celebrate the home video, Premium Bandai is releasing an exclusive set of cards from the Digimon Card Game based on the movie. A total of 15 cards showcasing the characters from the movie will be released in a box set, which also includes a playmat, two sets of exclusive sleeves and a storage box.

The Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning exclusive box sets arrives on June 28!

Other notable TCGs releasing in June 2024 include:

  • Magic: The Gathering – Modern Horizons 3 – June 14
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Battles of Legend: Terminal Revenge – June 20
  • UniVersus – Challenger Series: Godzilla – June 21
  • Pokémon TCG: Battle Academy 2024 – June 21
  • Digimon Card Game: Infernal Ascension Theme Booster – June 28

Upcoming Sports Card Releases

2024 Topps Series 2 Baseball — June 12

Summer is here and that means the 2024 MLB season is in full swing! As the year continues, the second round of Topps baseball cards are on deck and ready for collectors to rip on June 12, when the 2024 Topps Series 2 Baseball set releases. The second half of the Topps flagship set doubles the overall series from 350 cards to a 700-card set, expanding on Series 1 with additional players and updated images of players who have switched teams.

Fans can look forward to the same popular design that adorned Series 1, along with the return of many of the most sought-after inserts and parallels. Subsets and inserts like Future Stars, League Leaders, Homefield Advantage and Heavy Lumber are back once again. Debuting in Series 2 are new options for collectors like Around the Horn, City to City, Covering the Field and Fantasy Favorites inserts. In addition, celebrity cards return to Topps Baseball with the First Pitch/Play Ball inserts.

Another lengthy list of parallels in different colors and patterns will be in Series 2, and so will coveted relic and autograph cards from MLB stars past and present. The flagship Topps series still has plenty to offer this season, as 2024 Topps Series 2 Baseball rounds the bases on June 12!

Other notable sports cards releasing in June 2024 include:

  • 2024 Donruss Baseball – June 12
  • 2023-24 Panini Contenders Basketball – June 19
  • 2024 Donruss Optic Football – June 26
  • 2023-24 Panini Mosaic Basketball – June 26
  • 2024 Panini Prizm WWE – June 28

Upcoming Video Game Releases

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree — June 21

Return to the Lands Between in FromSoftware’s largest expansion to date!

Elden Ring took the world by storm when it was released in 2022 and is cited as one of the greatest video games of all time. The open-world RPG was so critically acclaimed that it won hundreds of awards and sold over 23 million copies worldwide, becoming FromSoftware’s most successful game. Since then, players have eagerly awaited their next adventure in the Lands Between, and the promised DLC has finally arrived.

Guided by Empyrean Miquella, players will be prompted to explore the Land of Shadow, an environment obscured by the Erdtree where the Goddess Marika first set foot. There, they’ll discover the dark secrets of the world and meet others who follow in Miquella’s footsteps — some with ulterior motives. The DLC allows players to move freely between the Land of Shadow and the Lands Between, giving an all-new sense of exploration and immersion. The DLC also adds new equipment, weapons, magic, skills, enemies, bosses and more!

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree releases digitally for all platforms on June 21!

Other notable video games releasing in June 2024 include:

  • Destiny 2: The Final Shape – June 4
  • Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game – June 4
  • Shin Megami Tensei 5: Vengeance – June 14
  • Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD – June 27
  • SPYxANYA: Operation Memories – June 28

Upcoming Film Releases

Inside Out 2 — June 14

The long-awaited sequel to Pixar’s Inside Out is almost here!

In the first Inside Out movie, Pixar introduced audiences to Riley’s core emotions: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear. Together, they learned that core emotions can mix to create new feelings that make up a person’s memories, and that by working together, they can help Riley grow into a wonderful person.

Unfortunately, Riley’s emotions face a setback when their setup is unexpectedly remodeled to make room for several new emotions: Anxiety, Envy, Embarrassment and Ennui. When Anxiety decides that Riley’s original emotions are too “outdated,” she takes over and bottles up Joy and the crew! What will happen to Riley?

Find out when Inside Out 2 releases in theaters on June 14!

Other notable films releasing in June 2024 include:

  • Bad Boys: Ride or Die – June 7
  • Watchers – June 7
  • The Bikeriders – June 21
  • Kinds of Kindness – June 21
  • A Quiet Place: Day One – June 28