Heritage Offers Sealed Echo Night Beyond and Other Rarities Certified by CGC Video Games

The Sixth Generation and Beyond sale presented by Heritage Auctions is set to end on June 6.

Rare video games certified by CGC Video Games™, including a sealed copy of Echo Night Beyond, are being offered in a Heritage Auctions sale. Bidding is currently underway for Heritage’s Sixth Generation and Beyond Video Games Showcase Auction, which is set to end on June 6, 2024.

The sealed Echo Night Beyond for the Sony PlayStation 2 (2004) is graded CGC 9.8 A+ (lot 79065). One of the rarest games for the PlayStation 2 (PS2), Echo Night Beyond is the third installment of the Echo Night survival horror adventure series. The story follows Richard Osmond, who searches for his wife after their space shuttle crashes on the way to their resort destination on the moon. Unfortunately, the game wasn’t very popular upon release and suffered a short print run.

Because of the game’s short shelf life, Echo Night Beyond has become scarce in today’s collecting environment. Sealed copies are now very rare, and collectors battle for them when they become available in auction. This copy of Echo Night Beyond represents Heritage Auctions' first time offering the game on the platform.

Additionally, a sealed Super Mario Sunshine for the Nintendo GameCube (2002) Kmart Exclusive graded CGC 9.4 A+ (lot 79016) is being offered in the sale. The front of the game’s case features the exclusive Kmart advertisement sticker for the accompanying Super Mario Sunshine strategy guide. This remnant of the once-giant retail chain is rarely seen on the secondary market, especially sealed and in such great condition.

Other CGC-certified video games in the auction include:

  • a sealed Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike for the Sega Dreamcast (2000) graded CGC 9.8 A+ (lot 79062)
  • a sealed Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad for the Microsoft Xbox 360 (2009) graded CGC 9.6 A+ (lot 79095)
  • a sealed Predator: Concrete Jungle for the Microsoft Xbox (2005) graded CGC 9.8 A+ (lot 79085)
  • a sealed Gunbird 2 for the Sega Dreamcast (2000) graded CGC 9.6 A++ (lot 79059)
  • a sealed Ninja Gaiden for the Microsoft Xbox (2004) graded CGC 9.8 A+ (lot 79083)