CGC Video Games Now Grading Japanese N64 Games

CGC Video Games is rolling out grading services for Japanese sealed and complete in box games!

In October 2023, CGC Video Games announced that it would begin offering its expert grading services for international games for select regions and consoles. The rollout of this service has been a tremendous success, and now, CGC Video Games is pleased to announce that Japanese Nintendo 64 games are now eligible for grading!

"CGC Video Games is very excited to start grading Japanese Nintendo 64 games," said Kenneth Thrower, Director of Grading for CGC Video Games and CGC Home Video. " Collectors absolutely love the cover design changes on Nintendo 64 games between different regions, and our team is ready to authenticate, grade and preserve these beautiful pieces of art."

The inclusion of Japanese Nintendo 64 games in CGC Video Games' list of eligible games for grading adds to the company's growing list of certification offerings. It is also the first in several steps to expand its international offerings — especially Japanese games, which are popular among collectors. While CGC Video Games is not yet accepting all international releases for grading, there are plans for a full launch soon. For a full list of international console games that CGC Video Games grades, click here.

Note: Please be aware that there are some restrictions on the regions that CGC Video Games can accept for submission at this time. CGC Video Games will accept unopened, complete in box and cartridge-only submissions for all standard-sized Japanese Nintendo 64 games. Submissions must be standard sized — CGC Video Games does not currently grade non-standard sized boxes, such as Big Boxes. For more information about what not to send to CGC Video Games, click here.

If your Japanese Nintendo 64 title doesn't appear when filling out the CGC Video Games online submission form, simply use the "I can't find my video game" option and enter your title's information. For more on CGC Video Games' grading tiers, fees, services, turnaround times and submission instructions, click here.

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