CGC Video Games Now Grading Box Only Submissions

Send in your box only video games for a universal grade. Continue reading to learn more.

CGC Video Games™ is excited to announce that it is rolling out grading services for box only submissions!

“Collectors often gather components of their favorite games over time,” said Kenneth Thrower, CGC Video Games Senior Grading Finalizer. “By offering box only and cartridge only grading, CGC Video Games can help protect each component until it is ready to be resubmitted for a full complete in box grade.”

Video game publishers use boxes to showcase a game's features, artwork and storylines. More recently, publishers have also released special limited-edition boxes — such as steel books and display-only boxes — to commemorate anniversary re-releases and other milestones. Box only grading is an ideal solution for grading these special box-only releases that did not come packaged with a game. Check out the video below for more on box only grading.

Please note: CGC Video Games will be accepting box only submissions for games that are currently eligible for CGC Video Games’ certification services. Box only submissions are not available for games that are not currently eligible for certification by CGC Video Games, including Big Boxes, homebrews and reproductions. For more information on what not to send to CGC Video Games, click here.

For more information about CGC Video Games' grading tiers, fees, services, turnaround times and submission instructions, go here.

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