CGC Video Games Introduces Add-on Cleaning Services for Enhanced Eye Appeal

Maximize the potential of your collection with professional cleaning for sealed, complete in box and cartridge-only games that improves appearance and desirability.

CGC Video Games™ is thrilled to introduce two new add-on cleaning services that improve the appearance of sealed games, complete in box games and cartridges. Submitters can now select either “Light Cleaning” or “Extra Life Cleaning” on the CGC Video Games’ online submission form, and CGC Video Games’ experts will maximize the potential of your games before grading, through proven processes that enhance eye appeal.

“We’re excited to launch professional cleaning as a beneficial add-on to CGC Video Games’ grading services,” said Jason Brassard, CGC Video Games Grading Finalizer. “The goal of cleaning a game before having it graded is to improve its eye appeal, which is an attribute many collectors and dealers value.”

All video games that are eligible for grading by CGC Video Games are eligible for the new cleaning services, including sealed, complete in box and cartridge-only submissions.

Level up with two cleaning service options

Light Cleaning

The “Light Cleaning” service removes mild to moderate debris from a game’s surface to improve clarity and freshness. It is ideal for removing light dust that can diminish the vibrancy of sealed games and cartridges. Light Cleaning is just $10 per game (in addition to the grading fee).

Extra Life Cleaning

"Extra Life Cleaning" is a more comprehensive cleaning service that aims to maximize a game’s eye appeal by carefully removing moderate to heavy debris, sticker residue, inks and post-production stickers, including price tags. Extra Life Cleaning services should be requested for games that were heavily played, written on in marker or otherwise blemished through heavy use. Extra Life Cleaning is $40 per game (in addition to the grading fee).

Additional information about sticker removal

CGC Video Games understands that stickers are sometimes used to identify variants of games, such as release variants. Additionally, some stickers were added to video games during the production process and are crucial to a game’s identification when grading. Because of this, CGC Video Games' graders will thoroughly evaluate each submission before completing either Light Cleaning or Extra Life Cleaning services to ensure that only debris, blemishes and insignificant stickers are removed from a game.

Can I submit for cleaning without submitting for grading?

Light Cleaning and Extra Life Cleaning are add-on services, which means that submitters may elect to add one of these services to their submissions when sending in a game to be graded by CGC Video Games. CGC Video Games will perform Light Cleaning or Extra Life Cleaning separately from the grading process. CGC Video Games will not assess a game for grading while it is being cleaned. After Light Cleaning or Extra Life Cleaning is complete, the submission will begin the grading process.

Will cleaning services improve my game’s grade?

While CGC Video Games’ cleaning services may improve the eye appeal of a game, there is no guarantee that cleaning will improve a game's grade. CGC Video Games does not guarantee that cleaning services will increase the grade of any submission.

Get your games cleaned today!

Get your video games looking their very best! Select Light or Extra Life Cleaning with your next submission to CGC Video Games. Ready to submit? Go here. Not a member? Join today! Memberships start at just $25 per year and come with many great benefits in addition to submission privileges.