Calgary Expo

Submit your comics, magazines, cards and video games at Calgary Expo on April 25-28 through our official Canadian submission partner, Grosnor Distribution.

4/25/2024 4/28/2024

Stampede Park
Calgary, Alberta

Spring forward and submit your best collectibles to CGC Cards™, CGC Comics™ and CGC Video Games™ through our official Canadian submission partner, Grosnor Distribution, at the Calgary Expo at Stampede Park, in Calgary, Alberta on April 25-28, 2024.

About Calgary Expo

Calgary Expo in Canada is an annual celebration of pop culture, showcasing a diverse array of interests including comics, anime, gaming and sci-fi/fantasy genres. From celebrity panels and autograph sessions to elaborate cosplay showcases and interactive gaming experiences, the event fosters a sense of community and excitement among attendees. With a lineup of special guests ranging from industry icons to rising stars, Calgary Expo serves as a hub for creativity, innovation and camaraderie within the pop culture landscape, making it a must-visit destination for enthusiasts of all ages.

Drop off CGC submissions with Grosnor

As an Official Submission Center in Canada, Grosnor will be accepting comics, magazines, sports cards, TCGs, non-sports cards and video game collectibles at its event booth on behalf of CGC. Grosnor Distribution Inc. is the leading trading card and game distributor in Canada. The organization was founded in 1989 with the goal of providing retailers with one-stop shopping and top-of-the-line service relating to the latest and most popular collectibles. Grosnor has been a trusted partner of CGC since 2022.

All submissions will be transported to CGC headquarters in Sarasota, Florida, for authentication, grading and encapsulation. To learn more about CGC Cards services and fees, click here. To learn more about CGC Comics services and fees, click here. To learn more about CGC Video Games services and fees, click here.

Need more info?

All companies can be reached at 855-GRADE10 (855-472-3310).

About CGC

Since revolutionizing comic book grading in 2000, CGC has grown to include certification services for a vast variety of pop culture collectibles. These divisions include CGC Cards, CGC Video Games and CGC Home Video. CGC Cards provides expert card grading for TCGs, sports cards and non-sports cards. CGC Video Games is dedicated to video game grading for the most popular consoles, including Nintendo, Sega, Atari, PlayStation and more. The newest division of CGC, CGC Home Video, provides expert VHS grading in addition to other types of home media.

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