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CGC Video Games is the division of Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) devoted to the expert grading of modern and retro video games from the most popular gaming consoles, including Nintendo, Sega, Atari, PlayStation, Xbox and more.

Real Expertise

The CGC Video Games graders combine experience, knowledge and passion to evaluate games accurately and consistently, using a nuanced 10-point numeric grading scale and letter grades for seals.

Real Protection

CGC Video Games has developed a superior video game holder that is sleek, crystal clear and more protective than any other on the market. Security features on the label include microprinting, UV ink, a QR code and more.

Real Community

Video game collecting is about understanding gaming and preserving its history. CGC Video Games is here to support the hobby with comprehensive news and resources, and we look forward to connecting at shows.

100% Authenticity

The Strongest Guarantee in Video Game Grading... It’s Super Effective!

Every game, box, manual and insert certified by CGC Video Games is backed by the industry-leading CGC Guarantee. The CGC Guarantee gives collectors and dealers confidence, making it easier and safer to buy, sell and collect video games.

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CGC Video Games Reference Guide

The CGC Video Games Reference Guide is the ultimate source for video game collecting, with in-depth info for almost all consoles we grade, including variant types, regional differences, key titles and more!

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The New Leader in Video Game Grading Is in Another Castle — CGC

CGC is the definitive leader in the certification of pop culture collectibles, with more than 10 million collectibles certified since 2000, including comic books, cards, magazines and more that have achieved record prices at auction. Part of the Certified Collectibles Group, CGC is backed by the same ownership and senior management team as the world’s leading and largest collectibles certification companies.

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